Fruits Vs Juice: Which is Better for You

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Whether you have noticed it or not, there is a popular belief among dieticians and nutritionists. They say, eat whole fruits and juice your vegetables. In other words, you can get maximum benefits from fruits when you eat the entire fruit instead of juicing the fruits. Juicing your vegetables does not mean, you get more benefits from vegetables when you drink juice instead of entire vegetables. Juice your vegetables actually mean, vegetable juice is better than fruit juice.

People eat fruits in various ways, they eat the whole fruit, make juice or smoothie, or add it to a salad. Fruits might be a part of your regular meal, however, have you ever pondered on the best method to eat fruits for maximum benefits? In other words, how can you get the entire nutrients from fruits?

Fruit Vs. Fruit Juice

When you eat fruits instead of drinking fruit juice, you will feel fuller for a longer period of time because fruits contain more fiber compared to fruit juice. You can also add value to your fruits by making a smoothie, which contains the entire fruit content instead of just fruit juice. When you are drinking fruit juice, it is very likely that you are drinking store-bought juice that might contain added sugar and preservatives, which are damaging to your health. Therefore, if you want to practice healthy eating, eat the entire fruit instead of just juice.

Fruit Vs. Fruit Smoothie

Fruits form a part of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, a lot of people resort to eating fruits when they miss lunch/breakfast/dinner for any reason whatsoever. Have you heard the story of Steve Jobs and his fruit diet? It is said Steve Jobs was only on an apple-based diet for a long time. Fruits are a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbs, antioxidants, and fibers. Actually, if you include a variety of fruits in your diet, you don’t have to eat other foods.

Fruits are good, but you can enhance the flavor and nutrients by making a smoothie. In fact, some fruits are better when made into smoothies, bananas for example. You can mix yogurt and banana to make a banana smoothie. the banana smoothie provides better nutrients compared to just bananas.

Whole Fruit is Healthy Food

When you are eating fruits, you are eating the whole fruit, when you are drinking juice, you consume only the liquid portion of the fruit and throw away the solid parts. Thus, fruit juice is just 50 percent of the fruit. When you eat fruit, you eat 100 percent, when you drink the juice you take only 50 percent of the fruit nutrients. While store-bought juice contains added sugar, flavors, and preservatives thus will harm your body, whereas even when you juice fruits, you will be throwing pulp which also contains a lot of nutrients and dietary fiber. The pulp is a solid part of the fruit which can make you fuller for a long time when you eat the whole fruit. Eating fruits will also give good exercise for your jaws and plenty of fiber for your stomach. It might take 3-4 oranges to make a glass of orange juice. You make not be able to satisfy your hunger when you drink a glass of orange juice, however, eating 3-4 oranges might make you full.

Likewise, a common way to eat vegetables is by steaming, cooking, or eating raw. However, have you ever thought about what is the perfect way to eat a vegetable for maximum health benefits? Some vegetables need cooking for maximum benefits, and some vegetables should be eaten raw. For example, when you cook broccoli, you will lose nutrients, however, cooking will enhance the nutrients in spinach. Contrary to the popular belief that carrots are one of the best foods to eat raw, cooking actually enhances the nutrients in carrots.

The previous generations held onto the values adopted by their ancestors, they did the same thing that their ancestors practiced, including their eating habit. However, the new generation is a lot wiser. Generation Y and Generation Z are too smart. The older generation simply juiced fruits and drank in the morning, and rushed to the workplace. However, the new generation has understood the true value of fruits and the best way to eat fruits. When you juice fruits, you will discard the pulps. However, the pulp also contains vital nutrients.

For a lot of people, fruit is a part of their daily diet. They eat the fruit at the breakfast time, lunchtime, dinner time, or between the course of meals. For some people who are on a raw food diet, alkaline diet, or simply like including more raw food compared to cooked foods, fruits take the most important part of food habits. When you are vegetarian or vegan, fruits happen to be your main diet. For vegans fruits like almonds, coconut, and cashew happen to be the main source of plant-based milk. you cannot simply skip fruits. The true value of fruits is well understood by raw food dieters, vegans, or vegetarians.

One of the reasons why people eat fruit juice instead of whole fruits is that they simply do not have time. When you are eating fruits, you need time to clean and slice them. However, when you are drinking the juice, you can simply open the bottle and pour it into the glass. If you happen to fall into this category, you need to alter your habit. Try eating fruits. eating whole fruits will make you fuller for a longer time.

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