How to Cleanse Your Body through the pH Miracle Diet: Detoxification through pH Miracle Diet

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The pH is a figure that measures acidic or alkaline quality in any substance. The pH is generally used in chemistry to determine the acidic or alkaline properties of any solution. The ph value is measured on a scale of 0-14 where 7 is neutral, and the value lower than 7 indicates acidic quality and value higher than 7 indicate alkaline quality. The pH value is analyzed in almost anything from the foods you eat to the pH of your body. The pH value of blood is slightly higher than 7 (between 7.35 – 7.45), however, pH value of the stomach is 1.5, which means blood is alkaline and stomach is acidic.

As mentioned above, pH scale also measures the acidic or alkaline quality of your food. Generally speaking, sour taste (lime juice for instance) is acidic, however, the pungent taste is alkaline (okra for instance).

Interestingly, there is also a dietary program where you are required to balance acidic foods and alkaline foods so that you are fit and healthy. This dietary program is referred to as the pH Miracle Diet. As explained above, your stomach has acidic properties, therefore, pH Miracle diet suggests you eat food with alkaline properties so that you can create a pH balance in your stomach.  By balancing the pH in your body through the food you eat, you will be able to flush out toxins, by-products, and other harmful substances from your body. Not only your stomach is acidic, but most of the foods you eat are also acidic in nature. For instance, the sugar you consume it sweat, however, once it enters the body it becomes acidic. Building up acidic compounds results in various complications. Thus, this dietary program is a body detoxification dietary program. When you start pH Miracle diet, all the negative conditions developed from unhealthy foods and improper lifestyle will begin to dissipate. The pH diet program provides you the necessary nutrition that you need for the body to function properly.

The pH Miracle diet is a detox and cleansing diet. In order to understand what exactly is a cleansing diet, you have to understand what is cleansing and how the body cleanses itself. Body cleansing is a process of getting rid of toxins and other impurities from the body. The body gets rid of toxins and harmful elements through urine, excreta, and sweat. The colon, skin, lungs, and bladder are the organs that work to cleanse your body. The organs like the liver and kidneys and the lymphatic system help the body in this cleansing process.

The most important organ that works to cleanse your body is the liver. When the liver is not functioning properly, your body will be unable to convert the harmful elements into waste. The harmful elements are usually caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics that you put inside your body through foods and drinks. When the harmful elements cannot be converted into waste matter, the harmful elements cannot be discharged from your body. When your liver is not working properly, you are actually poisoning your body as harmful elements get stored inside. The liver function can be affected if you have improper digestion (the result of overeating, unhealthy food, etc. ), inadequate water intake, parasites, and yeast overgrowth.

In order to improve liver functions, you have to restore the pH of your body. This can be achieved only through liver cleansing. You can cleanse your liver by resorting to pH Miracle diet. When you are in Ph diet, it will start cleansing the liver. The main idea behind the pH miracle diet is you eat more alkaline foods so that you not only balance the acidic condition in your stomach but also stop the building up of acidic substances inside your body. According to pH Miracle diet, when you eat more alkaline foods, you also get required nutrition for the liver and the liver will finally be able to restore pH balance of your body. Vegetables are alkaline in nature, therefore, pH miracle diet focuses on eating a lot of vegetables.

When you cleanse the liver through a cleansing diet like ph diet, it starts functioning properly, when the liver functions properly, your entire body begins to function properly.  When the liver starts functioning properly, the liver will begin to discharge the waste properly. This will result in detoxification and improved functioning. Thus the pH miracle diet is referred to as detox diet as it flushes toxins and other harmful substances from the body. The pH miracle diet cleanses the liver, stomach, and intestines.

The pH diet is basically a vegetarian diet as it discourages meat, processed food, junk food, alcohol, and oily and spicy foods. You have to eat vegetables, fruit, and a lot of water. How effective is the pH diet depends on your physiological conditions, your previous food plan, and how strictly you follow the dietary regime.

If you had been consuming a lot of acid-forming foods like meat, saturated fats, spicy foods, processed foods, the pH diet might take a lot of time to restore your body pH balance.

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