Weight Loss

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Three Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast

When you put on weight and start thinking about losing one or two kilos, you might perhaps look online. You will be overwhelmed with the numerous weight loss methods. Upon …


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8 Ways to Detox Without Fasting, Juicing Or Following Restrictive Diet

Detoxification or detox, in short, is a process to remove toxins, free radicals, waste materials, by-products, and other harmful substances from the body. When harmful substances build up inside your …

Super Foods

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5 Super Vegetables for Improving Your Immune System

The human body has a great power to seal itself. That’s right, human beings can self-heal.  Sadly, pollutants and toxins in our air, water, and the food we have damaged …

Nutrition & Supplements

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Why You Need to Eat More Fats for Your Brain Health

The state of mental illness is very scary in the United States. Anxiety affects 40 million people in the US. According to a study, by 2050, there will be over …

Disease & Medication

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Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Different Types of Thyroid Disease The endocrine system in the human body is a network of numerous glands. The glands in the endocrine system coordinate physiological functions by secreting hormones …

Exercise For People Suffering From Asthma

Raw Food Diet

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Fruits Vs Juice: Which is Better for You

Whether you have noticed it or not, there is a popular belief among dieticians and nutritionists. They say, eat whole fruits and juice your vegetables. In other words, you can …

How to Start a Raw Vegan Diet

How Eating Raw Food Can Improve Skin Health

pH Miracle Diet

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How to Balance Between Acid and Alkaline Foods in the pH Miracle Diet

The pH is a concept that categorizes any substances into three categories, acidic, neutral, and alkalizing. This concept was propounded by a Danish chemist Soren Peder in 1909. The concept …

Atkins Diet

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How Keto Diet is Different From Atkins Diet?

The Atkins diet is a dietary method where you eat fewer carbs and eat more protein. A Keto diet is a dietary method where you can eat only fewer carbohydrates …

Atkins Diet: How to Get Started With Atkins Diet?